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My name's Alba. It means Dawn. I'm 23, my favourite colour is purple and I'm not an apple.

Game of Thrones S03: My Understanding so Far

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Margy and Sansa for queens on the Iron Throne

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i have been waiting for this moment for a long time.


i have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

  • Tywin: So I heard your grandson fucks other dudes
  • Olenna: So I heard your kids fuck each other
  • Tywin: ...

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Brienne has the best pet.

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   Pain shuddered through him… and suddenly the bathhouse was spinning. Brienne caught him before he could fall. Her arm was all gooseflesh, clammy and chilled, but she was strong, and gentler than he would have thought. Gentler than Cersei, he thought as she helped him from the tub, his legs wobbly as a limp cock. “Guards!” he heard the wench shout. “The Kingslayer!” 
   Jaime, he thought, my name is Jaime.

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You’d be my lady.

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i am laughing


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“You little bastard.”

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